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The South Texas School of Christian Studies (SCS) exists to equip educationally under-served followers of Christ for service in the church and community.

With an independent board of directors, administration, staff, and endowment, the School of Christian Studies provides Certificate, Diploma-level, and Baccalaureate programs in Corpus Christi and McAllen. SCS also a strategic partnership with Logsdon School of Theology & Seminary, to extend its programs into the South Texas region.

The collaborative relationship creates a unique opportunity for those interested in every level of ministry preparation and theological education. SCS offers a Certificate in Ministry, a Diploma in Ministry Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry at both South Texas campuses. Since 1997, SCS has partnered with Logsdon School of Theology & Seminary to offer students a fully accredited Master of Divinity or Masters of Arts in Family Ministry on the SCS Corpus and McAllen campuses.

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