SCS Logsdon Graduates Honored

SCS Logsdon Graduates Honored
By Dr. Doug Jackson, Director, Logsdon Graduate Program at SCS

When Logsdon SRobin with nameeminary/SCS students Rochelle Rocha Roots and Robin Wiley learned that they had won Logsdon’s Graduate Achievement Award for 2016, they were understandably pleased. However, when they discovered that they were among only four recipients out of all graduates in all degree programs across Logsdon’s six campuses, the full extent of the honor really struck them. In fact, the seminary normally bestows this award on one person in each graduating class, but the faculty found it impossible to select among the four finalists and voted to grant multiple recognitions.

Logsdon extends the Graduate Achievement Award, “in recognition of distinction among Logsdon graduate students as one who best embodies the ideals of Logsdon Seminary with consideration of comprehensive achievement and all-around fitness for ministry.” The two women, both of whom are graduating with the Master of Arts in Family Ministry, travelled to the Logsdon campus in Abilene for the formal award ceremony on April 22. They each received a certificate, a plaque, and a $500 check in honor of their outstanding performance.

Rochelle with nameRochelle, who took her classes at the Corpus Christi campus, describes the honor as, “so unexpected that it was sweet.” She adds, “I think it was great for me personally to realize – I know that I have worked hard all this time – and it was nice to be awarded for it.” Robin, a student at SCS’s McAllen campus, agrees. “It did validate all the hard work I put in,” she confirms, but adds, “I didn’t do this hard work just to get an award.” Both women hold a perfect 4.0, or “straight-A” average and say that grades functioned as a motivator to their studies. “When I began to get A’s,” says Robin, “I realized, ‘I can be an A student!’ and as a result I did learn a lot.”

As is typical of most SCS students, Rochelle and Robin work full-time jobs and actively serve in their home churches. The South Texas School of Christian Studies values our relationship with Logsdon Seminary which allows men and women to strive in ministry while they strive in education! Congrats Robin and Rochelle. . . well done!