Student Profile: Willie Campbell

Willie Campbell
South Texas School of Christian Studies
Associate of Arts in Ministry Studies

By Jena Dunn, Director of Student Development

willie campbellAfter serving as a deacon at St. John First Baptist Church for 10 years, Willie Campbell felt a call to the ministry of preaching in July, 2011. Compelled by God to be obedient to His word, Willie knew he couldn’t sharpen his skills as a minister on his own, but college seemed unattainable. Willie knew, however, that he needed to respond to the call God placed on his life by studying and growing through a sustained season of rigorous academic preparation. He explains, “I hadn’t been in school for 37 years when I enrolled at SCS. But I want you to know that when God calls you to move, you just move. He’s gonna work it out.”

Willie responded to God’s call on his life by enrolling in the Certificate in Ministry program at the South Texas School of Christian Studies in the spring of 2012.  A year later Willie earned the Certificate in Ministry and immediately enrolled in the Associate of Arts in Ministry Studies. Willie stands to graduate in May 2016. He will be the first to say how much he has grown and developed during his studies at SCS.

Though the coursework was not always easy, he believes that the learning environment has blessed him in his life and ministry. He states, “My experience with SCS has been awesome, it’s a family atmosphere, you couldn’t ask for a better place to be. You’ll be stressed, but you’ll be blessed.”

As Willie prepared for his final semester at SCS, he was asked to speak to the incoming students at the new student orientation in January 2016. After recounting his testimony and experiences at SCS, he encouraged the students by explaining how his time at SCS had grown him spiritually and impacted his ministry at his church. He said to the new students, “The purpose that God had for me started to illuminate about four years into my schooling [at SCS]. SCS has really been a blessing to me and I am certain it will be a blessing to you.”

To see and hear Willie’s one minute insightful conclusion to his testimony, please click HERE.