Hurricane Harvey Recovery

SCS personnel have returned to the Corpus Christi campus to survey the damage after Hurricane Harvey and determine a feasible timeline for us to start another semester of equipping the educationally underserved. Fortunately, the SCS campus did not sustain catastrophic damage that would inhibit us from continuing to train South Texas pastors and church leaders. But the storm definitely left our buildings damaged and in need of repair.


Damage includes:


  • Rooftop AC unit completely flipped upside down
  • Panels blown off of AC units
  • Significant roof leak in library
  • Two internet antennas torn off the building
  • Roofing tile damage to maintenance shed
  • Damaged entrance sign
  • Water on carpets near doorways and windows throughout campus
  • Fence paneling blown down
  • Leaks along the soffit of administrative building
  • Crack in an SCS owned vehicle window
  • Debris scattered across the campus

In the midst of repairing our campus, there is an opportunity to partner together. The damage to SCS is significant enough that we have had to cancel classes until further notice. We want to work quickly to get back online, but that is going to mean significant (unbudgeted) funds spent restoring several components of our infrastructure.

If you would like to donate towards repairing our campus, please click the Donate button below.